PC Advertising Strategies for Start Ups: Maximizing ROI on a Limited Budget

PC Advertising Strategies for Start Ups: Maximizing ROI on a Limited Budget

PPC or pay-per-click is a type of internet marketing that means the advertiser pays a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. You only pay for advertising when the ad is clicked on. PPC advertising for startups makes a lot of sense for those on a budget.

Maximizing ROI on a Limited Budget

If you have a business plan to follow, one of the key performance indicators will be ROI or return on investment a ratio between net income and investment. High ROI equates to strong investment gains and will be used in the evaluation of your project.

PPC Advertising for Startups

When PPC is working for you properly the fee is small, for example, it may be $3 per click, but when it translates to sales you will see a large profit. PPC ads vary, they can be words, images, and videos that appear on different search engines and websites.

SEO, or search engine content, is a popular form of PPC.

Planning PPC Advertising

  • Choose your campaign
  • Aim it at your audience
  • Plan your SEO accordingly, look at the Google ads platform for hints.
  • Allocate a Budget
  • Prepare your landing page
  • Build the add

Creating a trustworthy PPC campaign will help you to maximize your profits. If you are using Google, they use a set of formulas to decide which ads appear for any one search.

The ads with the highest ranking scores allow winning advertisers to reach customers at a cost to fit their budget.

How PPC Works with Google Ads

Google is the most popular search engine, with lots of traffic and this is where you will get the best value when you are starting up. By following the basic rules you can get started and achieve great value for money.

  • Use proper ad text and PPC. Bid on relevant keywords
  • Create a quality Landing Page with relevant content.
  • Improve Quality Score
  • Use some visual eye-catching content.

Researching keywords can take time, and as your entire campaign is built around the keywords it is something that you can’t rush. The keywords drive traffic to your site and no one wants to pay for clicks that don’t convert. There are several good Free Keyword Tools available to help with the research phase.

Budget Startups

PPC advertising for startups will rely heavily on good SEO, and even when you have your site up and running it is necessary to ensure that your PPC and SEO are continually evolving. The main benefit is that PPC advertising will help your startup to reach its target audience fast and efficiently using a targeted campaign to reach people who will be most interested in the services and products.


Once you start to get a return on your initial investment, you will feel confident to try some new ideas. This could be as simple as adding a new product to your range or giving the customers incentives for loyalty, such as a points scheme or small gift.

Keep using PPC marketing and make it work for you.